Thought of the day to help in with the Mental Aspect of Athletics.  Everyday we do a great job of ALARMING our houses.  Meaning, we spend countless hours making sure we lock our doors to arm our cars.  We lock our doors to ALARM our house.  We may even as a family set an ALARM to arm our houses, but do you ALARM your mind the say way you would ALARM your house or your car from those unwanted intruders?

If an Intruder tries to get in, you block it our and say NO way.  So many times as an athlete and a coach, things do not go your way and in your mind, you start to question your process, you start to question where you are at instead of diving in and saying NO, NO, NO and start to create clarity.  You see, in times or distress and in times of adversity, you need to clarify and simplify.  The only way you can clarify and simplify is if you are so strong in your mindset that no INTRUDERS can ever get in no matter what the intruder is saying.  If you ALARM your mind that if something else tries to come in that is not part of your focus or part of your process, that you are strong enough to not let the intruder in.  Recognizing those outsides things and being able to turn them off and not them be part of your process is what creates champions.  Elite athletes learn to ATTACK those “INTRUDERS” that try to interrupt their process instead of letting the “INTRUDERS” attack them.

In order to attack those “INTRUDERS” and to ALARM YOUR MIND, there is a 3 P system.  PRESENT, PROCESS AND PRODUCTIVE.  We used to say Present, Process and Positive, but sometimes positive is not always positive.  You have to look yourself in the mirror sometimes and have an honest conversation about who you are, what you are doing and your focus and sometimes that is not always positive.  In life, in athletics, in your family, in your relationships and anything, you have to make decisions.  Those decisions have to be direct and in the present moment and must relate to a process.  Make an intentional decision and attack what is in front of you.

The first P in the 3 P system is PRESENT:  Be where your feet are. The most important day of your life is today because it is the day you are living.  Yesterday already happened and you can’t change it, it’s why we call it the past.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed and we can’t control tomorrow, but we have the gift of today which is why we call it the PRESENT.

The second P in the 3 P system is PROCESS:  Control what you can control.  You can control your attitude, effort, focus and mindset.  Have a plane to get in control of yourself before you are in control of your performance

Lastly, be PRODUCTIVE:  Create a stairway and an end goal and reverse engineer that.  (SEE THE DRAWING FOR WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE)