Boys Varsity Hockey · Ehrnfelt Hockey Tournament recap

Your SHS Mustangs tried to make up for some lost ice time by playing in 8 games this weekend! Strongsville Hockey Association Hosted the 18th annual Walter Ehrnfelt Memorial Tournament. Our team filled a last minute gap by competing in two brackets, allowing some players to play 8 games of hockey over a three day period! Overall the team went 4-4, taking second place in one bracket and third in another.
Going into the season the Mustangs knew they lacked experience and it was going to be a difficult season. They only have two seniors, Nate Dubsky & Kyle Czworkowski. Nate & Kyle are both seasoned forwards, however Kyle stepped up to play goalie this year, a first ever in his career! The team also has two other players who never played hockey until their freshman year of high school! So while they may not be having a winning season, they are surrounding each other with support as the younger guys experience their first goal, first big hit, first time being hit, first assist and efforts that aren’t necessarily reflected on the scoreboard!  It’s a season of just playing hockey for the fun of it as there’s no conference to play in, no GCC champs, just playing hockey to play hockey!
Lots of Mustangs on the scoresheets this weekend!
Brett Kappel 7 goals, 6 assists (8 games played)
Dan Mutti 1 goal, 2 assists (6 games)
William Grozan 1 goal, 1 assist (8 games)
Jackson Niedermeyer 2 goals, 3 assists (8 games)
Ryan Suts 3 goals, 1 assist (7 games)
Nate Dubsky 5 goals, 5 assists (7 games)
Gavin Pate 5 goals, 2 assists (7 games)
Nolan Marcum 3 goals, 1 assist (7 games)
Jack Grasha 1 goal (7 games)
Michael Galchick 2 assists (8 games)
Jacob Herout 1 goal, 2 assists (8 games)
Kyle Czworkowksi stopped 90/105 shots in four games
Nick Dasher stopped 77/99 shots in four games
A HUGE thank you to our parents who collectively worked over 270 hours this weekend working the front tables, checking rosters, running the game clocks, keeping score etc. These hours don’t even include the behind the scenes time that took to plan the weekend.
Thank you to Mike Radosevic who once again out of his love for hockey and the Strongsville High School Hockey Team coordinated the entire weekend for us!