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As the Athletic Director for Strongsville High School, I experience many successes and many failures.  Those successes and failures come with the territory of being an athletic administrator, but I never let those successes and failures define who I am as a person and who WE ARE as a department.  In every aspect of life, athletics, academics and relationships there are always learning moments that we have and that we need to perform better.  Throughout my time thus far as an Athletic Director, I have communicated with various groups in different communities and around many districts.  Most importantly, the time I share with the coaches and the athletes are the best relationships I have built.  For many who do not know, I am working tirelessly with the coaches in the department to create a foundation for championship cultures. Everyone asks what a championship culture looks like.  I will continually inform stakeholders, families, athletes, coaches and co-workers as to what OUR championship culture will look like.  Every program or department has their own unique championship culture and what it looks like, but its your process and your system that achieves the desired results.


To inform everyone as to what our process for a championship culture is here at Strongsville High School, I have decided to create an Athletic Director Blog.  The blog will be hosted on the NEW Strongsville athletic webpage ( and will have ideas, beliefs, videos and other materials as to further explain the expectations of the department, what we want from parents, athletes and everyone involved in the athletic department and to introduce our core values/principles that we live by everyday.  The way we as a department approach practice, games, film study, community events, fundraisers, relationships, academics and every day life situations will make us better people because of the culture we want to build.  It maybe overwhelming at first, but we as coaches and as a department know that things that are built to last, have never been built fast.  There maybe many failures during our PROCESS, but know that we as a department of coaches and staff members will never get frustrated.  We UNDERSTAND what is needed in OUR process to move forward towards being the MODEL program for Ohio and Northeast Ohio.  We want people coming into our building and asking what we are doing here to build a CHAMPIONSHIP culture and be more successful.


In the end, I hope you enjoy the videos and things you will see on the Blog posts.  These are character skills and character traits that we are installing in our athletes.  Character development has been linked to more successful programs then talent.  THE BEST TEAMS DO NOT ALWAYS WIN.  For example, I use the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Having been born and raised in Cleveland, I have witnessed many failures in professional sports, but most recently, the joys of an NBA championship have been great.  The thing that caught my eye the most about the Cavaliers, is when they won their NBA Championship, they were NOT the BEST Team.  The best team was the Golden State Warriors who won a record number of games (73).  The reason the Cavaliers won the championship, after being down 3 games to 1, was because of character and leadership.  It was the MIND SET that they needed to work harder.  Is the response to the loses that fueled them.  It was the constant studying and self evaluation that something needs to change from within if they wanted to be successful.  If we can develop better character athletes and better leaders in society, the programs will naturally become more successful.  LeBron James’ leadership skills changed drastically from the time he left Cleveland and joined the Miami Heat to the time he returned to Cleveland.  The general undertaking of this is that LeBron and the Cavs kept things in perspective and were focused on the details and enjoyed the present moment.  The CAVS never looked into the future, but enjoyed the journey and knew what they did today effected what happened later on in the season.  Being down 3-1 did not phase them.  They approached game 5 with the mindset that they needed to do the little things right (boxing out, passing, more assists, less turnovers, win more possessions) in order to achieve success in Game 5.  The guys in the locker room never looked beyond that game.  That is the mindset and mentality we are trying to create at Strongsville.  WE WILL PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS AND DO THINGS OUT OF THE ORDINARY.


As I finish introducing the BLOG feature on the website, I just want to Thank everyone for their support as I start my new career with Strongsville.  Yes, there have been and will be changes made and although not everyone agrees, the support has always been there.  I appreciate the coaches and families taking the time to support the programs and lastly, I appreciate the wonderful people within the community and the district that have made me feel like family from Day 1.  My goal of the blog is not only to encourage athletes to read and watch the things posted to make a difference in their lives, but also community members and everyone who finds interest in it.